• Boganis
    Kudos to William Pan and all of the academics pushing to create PHE study programs within their universities! The fact is that at some point in the future the earth’s governments will come to the uncomfortable realization that very sophisticated programs conforming each country’s population size to the carrying capacity of the geological territory will become necessary and researchers with PHE educations will be the front line in completing the compendium needed to embark on any such plan of action.
  • stevenearlsalmony
    The AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population was founded in 2001. Since that moment I have seen it as a moral imperative to continue the work I’ve been doing for many years now: getting the message out and explaining to as many people as possible that human overpopulation of the Earth is occurring on our watch, that it poses profound existential risks for future human well being, life as we know it and environmental health, and that robust action is required starting here, starting now to honestly acknowledge, humanely address and eventually overcome.
  • Leona D’Agnes
    I’m interested to learn more about the PHE faculty position at Cornell University. In which College is that? And has Cornell selected a candidate yet?
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