• mememine
    If there were real consequences for condemning our children to a CO2 hell, you wouldn't still be shooting your mouth off like this about a climate crisis.
    Nothing could be worse than a climate crisis. Its the end of the world.
    "a threat to the planet" -Earth Hour and IPCC
    Boycott the fear mongering climate crisis media!
  • T.Deligiannis
    Peter Stoett's posting is reasonable and measured.  But, it's very hard to believe that the federal government in Canada will be willing to be reasonable or ethical on any aspects of climate change adaptation or mitigation, including implementing the modest suggestions above.  These are some of the darkest days in Canadian environmental history, and I don't think that our current path will change until the present government leaves office.  Even then, it will take years to undo the damage.
  • Darren
    Good article. The kind of thoughtful analysis that is missing from the public debate on environmental policies in Canada and globally right now. As for the issues addressed, I do not believe the current Canadian government will move to act on them. The government's strategy is to make environmental issues into non-issues, and distract from current policy questions by attacking environmental groups as "radicals" with "foreign funding" and so on; a strategy played into by the media, since it is much more sensational than policy discussions, which most Canadians do not take the time to understand. The environmental movement itself remains weakened by Canada's restrictive charity laws that prevent effective advocacy work, and a reduced appetite in non-progressive media to cover environmental issues as major news. I do believe there is cause for optimism in the clear economic benefits that numerous environmentally sound policies offer, especially the growing market for renewable energy, and that lobbying on this basis remains one way to get the ear of the present government and major industries, and thus leverage concerted action that helps to mitigate the damage from climate change and general environmental degradation.
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