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    This sounds like a great bottom to top program that encourages development for farmers that would otherwise be unable to progress. I am curious however, what is the time period that farmers are supported by the One Acre Fund? Also, how likely are farmers to maintain their success and/or reach further development after they are no longer receiving support from the One Acre Fund?
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    Thanks for your thoughtful questions. One Acre Fund farmers enroll and take a loan for one growing season. A season is typically between six and eight months (depending on the country). Our farmers choose whether they would like to take additional loans from One Acre Fund in future growing seasons. We believe that our business-client relationship allows our farmers to give us honest feedback, and it compels us to provide great customer service to them.
    It is difficult to say how likely farmers are to maintain their success after leaving One Acre Fund. Our client retention rate is above 85 percent, so most of our farmers are continuing to work with One Acre Fund–not many of them have left.
    Stephanie Hanson
    Director of Policy and Outreach
    One Acre Fund
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07701993047278667320 Aryn
    Ms. Hanson,

    Thank you for your reply! I am currently reading more about the idea of "women's crops" in Africa, and was wondering if this was prevelent in Rwanda? If so, does One Acre Fund have to deal with any social repercussions from this? Such as possible resentment for encouraging women farmers to plant non-gender traditional crops. Thank you.
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