• http://www.climatesecurity.org Alex Dehgan
    The Iranian Cheetah population may also be found in Afghanistan, with a few individuals in Herat Province. There have been proposals to develop a transboundary park between Iran and Afghanistan to help with its protection as there are only 70-100 Iranian cheetah's left in the world (too few to start the indian population). The Iranian (Asian) Cheetah is also a different subspecies than the African cheetah, so the Iranian and Indian populations shouldn't hybridize. The idea behind the park and Cheetah Diplomacy was that if two countries (here Afghanistan and Iran) could talk about Cheetahs, they may be able to talk about other things. This was the idea behind the transboundary Peace Park proposed between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and China. The question is whether India is the right broker for the nuclear issue, given that the Bush administration weakened the NPT through its deal with India. The clearly bigger issue between Iran and Afghanistan however is water, which will substantially continue to build tensions between the two countries.
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