• Human Geo Dan
    Its reassuring to hear that even in the more repressive states, a single purpose-driven citizen can bring about positive change. Similar individuals have helped change labor laws, forced health regulations, and made enormous impacts on people's health here in the United States. Progressive movements and the people that foster them are always a threat to authoritarian regimes, but once they are entrenched it is almost impossible to reverse their impacts. Ultimately, activism with popular support protects the environment, promotes (as we see in this article) better healthcare, and works to the betterment of society.
  • Noljack
    I agree, the claim that individuals can be the catalyst for change has been proven throughout history – both in a positive and negative manner.  Not all public based movements are good; especially if the program of change creates an even more ill got state.  I think the real neat thing to look at in these cases is how ignored and forgotten must a cause seem in order to inspire action and initiative?
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