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    Water security was an entry point and seemed to be passed over for farming/food security. Mercy Corps has been doing this for females as part of the food security issue/land rights farming. This is being combined with conflict resolution. PC has a new Conflict Masters at Mason. Water security, like food security is land issues. US security seems to run against the host countries land issues security when advocating for women's or native's(see Bolivia) land rights like farming and water. There is currently legislation suing Agriculture over female land owning and farming rights, domesticating what was done over seas; why agriculture always wants separate legislation for foreign aid.

    The environment is a security issue and funded agencies like the Geo Spacial Intelligence agency. Food and water security where funded the same, although it didn't see the creation of a new agency for this work. So, while we call this a security issue, foreign countries wonder what this means. They know it is tied to female land rights issues, conflict analysis, and security. So, as contractors like Mercy Corps approach this security work and are successful, we see US agencies like USAID and PC replicating the contractor's success. This is food(land) security issue, conflict analysis for Universities like Mason, and female rights issues.

    Water Security, water for Peace, etc. should not confuse all these issues like food or land rights has because, to the host country; it is a security issue as defined by the US.

    Sorry about the writing, I have a bug.
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