• Tom Deligiannis
    Blog fatigue – I'm adding it to email fatigue, journal fatigue, news feed fatigue, social network fatigue, fatigue fatigue, …

    It's incredibly hard to keep up with what's being done in the environmental security field, let alone actually read the stuff I come across. Choosing the best and most useful among all this stuff to show to students is becoming ever more challenging.

    Geoff's post nicely demonstrates how we can use technology to help in our collective teaching efforts. Are there other ways to use technology – perhaps to find a way to recommend to each other material that seems particularly good for different kinds of teaching tasks? Perhaps an idea worth exploring in the ECSP.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430391562374233505 Meaghan Parker
    Tom, I hear you–the tidal wave of interest in environmental security is exhausting, yet welcome. ECSP has talked about building a shared syllabi–like a wiki perhaps?–but we don't have a good platform on our current website. Maybe others can chime in on what would be the best platform. Would it be Blackboard? Or would it be something more like Google Reader? Or even better, if someone is already building it, please let us know–no need to reinvent the wheel!
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03842970040009620763 Sean Peoples
    Technology fatigue is all too common these days given the breadth of information at our fingertips. Perhaps we need to replicate websites and platforms that aggregate recommendations from users – I'm thinking DIGG or Slashdot. The most popular stories and information about the field would be curated by those interested in the topics. I believe if we have a vested community of users generating the popularity of stories, it would help in recommending highlights for many of us who are on a steady diet of information overload. But, it may also leave out some really great, under reported aspects.
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