• Lorraine M. Thompson
    How many Congolese women have been on the various panels discussing violence against women in the DRC? I know for a fact that there are Congoelse women throughout the USA (especially in DC) and across Europe who have been working without pay to bring to the world’s attention their sisters plight in the DRC? Why weren’t any of them speaking for their sisters on any of these panels?
  • Anonymous
    You are right Lorraine, I am one of them,from New York .vI have been working with local organizations of women in Congo for 9 years and I know quite a few other women in North America and in Europe who are trying to raise the awaireness to those horrors and human’s rights .
    Most of these panel are organized excluding us . Everybody else became expert on Congo besides the Congolese. I wonder if they want really to solve the problem. .We feel very frustrated .Because not only ours sisters are being physically with the world watching but we continue to be raped mentally.
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